An Educational Initiative


Aims & Objectives

1. To organise educational events such as Conferences, Symposia, Workshops,and other related academic events for learning , research and promotion of modern tools and techniques and their legal applications.

2 To provide consultancy and training for enhancement of skills in the areas of high end technology and their legal applications.

3. To impart training for better application of cutting edge Technologies in various fields of Human Development and their socio-legal impact.

4.To launch new courses and educational programes in the field of advance Technology, their legal management and governance

5. To study and conduct research on the impact of futuristic Technologies on Human Rights , Environment and other related issues.

6. To publish Books, Journals, News Letters and create literature for study in the related areas.

7. To produce films, videos and other audio-visual contents for worldwide publication and use social media plate forms for dissemination of knowledge and awareness.

8.To enter into collaboration with national and international Institutions ,companies, Governmental and non governmental actors for promotion of the objectives of the LLP.

9. To organise Exchange programes, with Universities and International Organisations for research and studies in the related ares.

10. To establish educational Institutions for study ,research and imparting courses in related areas.

11. To take new initiatives for fulfillment of all or any of the above stated aims and objectives.